Apr 23, 2008

We're gonna be in pictures!

Well, sorta anyways. Maybe only the backs of our heads or something. On Craigslist the other day I saw a post for movie extras for a feature film being shot in the Denver area so I replied... and check this out! We got invited to come today. YAY! Have no idea what we are getting into. Hope it's not some shady film production. We shall see! Heck, we get a free meal out of it and a final copy of the DVD.

Oh, and on a side note, referring back to my post about An Exciting Day for Kendall Media Group while we're still waiting for expertvillage to get our videos online, I had to get some samples up for another similar service we are working to get set up with so here's a link to some of the video we shot with Sam Brede of Carver's Ski Snowboard Sports in Breckenridge CO on Feb 22. You can't see them, but Julie's on one camera and Amy Bierman, a.k.a. The Super Amy, who was visiting with us at the time we did the shoot, is crawling around on the floor holding the boom mic pole. Oh, look... I found a picture! Love ya Amy!

Amy the Boom Grip

Apr 16, 2008

Some excitement at the end our street yesterday

So, yesterday Julie and I were out shooting some test footage for a video service we are attempting to get set up to work freelance for when puffs of smoke appeared over our shoulders toward the highway. After finishing up some of the video I grabbed the camera, jumped the fence and climbed the sound barrier mound between our neighborhood and the highway to see a grass fire. Particularly interesting was how fast the fire crew got there and the fact that grass fires were a major problem down south of Denver yesterday. In fact, it seems a few people were killed in other grass fires in CO yesterday. Here's some of the raw footage I shot while observing the effort to squash the flames.


Apr 15, 2008

Happy (yeah, right!) Tax Day :o(

Why is it that every time I finish and submit my taxes, even though I've truly done my best to track and record accurately everything the IRS requests, I always feel a little sense of fear and concern over the potential for "the audit". Funny, I've never been audited (Although my trusty TurboTax risk meter put me in the top of the yellow area for risk this year due to the fact that our business expenses were more than our income with all the startup costs, that we moved and had moving expenses, and that we sold our house) but that still doesn't change the feeling it incurs. I hate that feeling... I hate whatever it is that makes me have that feeling. I guess, like you, I just hate taxes in general! Oh well, 364 days till the next time.

Oh, some good news: We're getting a refund of taxes we paid in 2007!
And, some bad news: We had to pay CO state income tax on severance paid by my former TN employer for the months we lived in CO while getting the severance. UGH!

How about you? Did you come out on the refund side or the "please, take the rest of my blood, sweat, and tears" side this year?

Apr 11, 2008

Stuff I Did Today...

Ever feel like your day went by and you got little or nothing done? Just for kicks I'm going to list what I have gotten done to see...

  1. Tweaks to my wife's newest endeavor (header text refined, added social bookmarking links, added Google analytics)

  2. Set up several social book marks to myself... Facebook, StumbleUpon,, Google Bookmarks

  3. Initial set up on a podcast page for Denver and the Mile High Orchestra

  4. YouTube page initial set up for Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (thanks to my friend Nancy Hawthorne who works with Kathie Hill Music for a promo idea I may pitch to Denver & crew).

  5. Watched a tutorial about video specifications for a video service called who we hope to be shooting some video for soon.

  6. Checked to see if our first ExpertVillage assignment has been posted yet... ugh... it hasn't!

Hmm... that's it so far. Not good. Almost all non-billable. Not good at all for a guy trying to make his own way. Got a lot done, but not much of personal financial influence. Guess I better look into some billable stuff.