Mar 31, 2008

aksings (or AK Sings - his myspace identity)

Many of you may not know the many talents of both our kiddos. One of AK's less known talents is writing songs and recording them on his Practice Room Records label (because he records them in his practice room -- ha, go figure!)

So, I'm posting them without his permission and he may sue me for copyright...
I Want You

Not That Bad
I'm Through (remix... he's already doing remixes of his own work)
The Christmas Song

Proud papa has these rights I think!

Mar 28, 2008

Our friend Katie & her boyfriend Todd

Katie & Todd

Ever been to a "Let's all celebrate I didn't die!" or "Let's all say goodbye to my kidney, ovaries, and uterus!" party? Well, neither had we until last Wednesday night. Katie, a friend we met here shortly after we arrived back in Colorado, had what I would totally justify as a horrible month... well, several months really. Back in November we went to her engagement party and shortly thereafter she found out she was facing a recurrence of cancer. Her lousy fiance (not Todd who is pictured btw) dumped her with the "I can't handle a sick wife" line cleaning out their joint bank account and anything else not nailed down in the house. Her surgery to remove her uterus and ovaries was a success... well sort of. Seems they nicked something during the surgery which caused lots of bleeding and just when she thought she was on the road to recovery an urgent emergency room trip uncovered that her abdominal cavity was filled with blood. They had no idea from where it was coming. Two surgeries and two transfusions later, they had removed her kidney which had gone septic due to the enduring presence of all that blood. Next thing she knows, they diagnose her with a rare blood disease (von Hitler or something like that she jokes) which resists clotting in certain cases. Now she carries with her a small emergency injection which, should she be injured, will help her blood to clot.

The best news is our friend Katie is on the road to recovery. She met a great guy on named Todd and they are dating. We had a great time at her uterus/ovary/kidney wake a.k.a. glad Katie didn't die party and we are truly glad our friend Katie did not die!

Mar 21, 2008

Given my "launch" of econoclips...

So this week I sort of "launched" our new HD stock video footage sales site . Hence, my radar is kind of up for anything related to stock video footage. This one came across my DIGG radar (P.S. I'm NOT into the political stuff so don't comment or consider this an invitation to go into a political debate here):


The Waldo Ultimatum: File it under funny flashbacks

Sorry, this was just too funny and creative to pass up.

Mar 20, 2008

Hooray! Exciting Day: Follow-up

Well, last month I wrote (wow... almost a month between posts) about Kendall Media Group's first video shoot assignment for and I'm pleased to report that yesterday we were informed they officially accepted our first completed assignment. They had some constructive criticism, which I was hoping for but... YAY! They accepted it. It's not up on their site yet that I know, but that will be forthcoming. I'll post something here about it when it goes up. Then everyone preparing to go snow skiing or snowboarding can checkout our work and learn what to wear while skiing or snowboarding as well. logoIn addition, two years ago I registered a domain with the bright idea of selling high definition stock video footage of the various places we go and stuff we see while there. Yesterday the first videos were officially up. It's a small library, but hopefully I'll be able to continue adding new clips every week (maybe every day for a little while) and eventually have enough to generate some portion of our monthly income from the purchases by video editors looking for a quick clip and not wanting to purchase a whole DVD or collection of clips. Check out the three clips up as of 3/19/2008 if you are interested!