Jul 23, 2011

331 Miles

our trek to Buena Vista, Parker, and back to Longmont

Julie and I slowly working our way up to an overnight ride to Durango CO. It's about 370 miles from Longmont to Durango and Julie's motorcycle has a range of about 120 miles per tank so we have to break that up into several smaller segments. We don't like to push it, so we usually only do 60 - 80 miles per stop.

Our first "big" trip was to Sidney NE. It was 168 miles. This last Friday, after a crazy and difficult week, I gave myself the day off and Julie and decided to ride up into the mountains where it would be a little cooler. We chose Buena Vista CO since we'd never been there before and had heard it was an amazing place.

Our first stop was in Conifer CO for gas. Then we made our way to Fairplay CO. The next stop was Buena Vista. What a quaint little place. Had no idea it was one of the hottest (not temperature wise) whitewater rafting destinations in the country. We had ice cream at Punky's and while sitting there decided to see if Jes and Paul wanted to have dinner at a Cheddars they had found in Aurora/Parker. So after tooling around Buena Vista for about 45 minutes we headed to Cheddars.

Then after a great dinner we headed home. 331 miles total. That was almost Durango distance. We were really exhausted when we got home though so we have some riding stamina to build up still.

Oh, the chicken nachos at Cheddars... WOW! Still the same and LOVED them.