Sep 27, 2007

People Matter! Or they should anyway...

Today I was at a counter where a very nice young lady named Anjelica (An yell i ca) was assisting me. Another customer passing by proceeded to ask Anjelica a question while Anjelica was still talking to me. It was pretty rude and obviously took Anjelica by surprise that someone was being so rude to her, but even more that she was so rudely interrupting Anjelica's care for me. I think we were both shocked when the other customer barked out some orders that she wanted Anjelica to fulfill as she continued to shop and explained she'd be back later for what she had instructed Anjelica to do.

Anjelica apologized to me for the customer's rudeness and finished her very good care of me while mentioning that the other customer would get little or no care.

Now, the question. What was the name of the person who helped me in the store? It's not a trick question. I just want to make my point. How often do you spend some time at a counter with a person helping you and leave never noticing the person's name. I've started noticing and as I left I inquired as to the pronunciation of Anjelica's name. Understand, she had treated me with the utmost respect to this point, but at my making the effort to notice she had a name her countenance brightened and we were on a whole new level. Personal.

Try to make it a point to notice the PEOPLE who help you this next week... not just the employees.

Sep 17, 2007

Christopher & Nicole of Christopher's Pizza!

Hey Christopher, Nicole & crew... we miss your GREAT pizza!!! The BEST pizza in the Nashville area with the greatest people making/serving it!

Christopher's Pizza Logo

This is my first of a new category... shout out! where I'll shout out to folks we know and love. Christopher and Crew... you are the first! Check out Christopher's blog