Nov 30, 2007

Ahhh... Keystone... On top of the World

Keystone Nov 29 2007We went skiing yesterday. Early season skiing is not always the best, but the view is always awesome. About 7% of the mountain was open and they were making snow so it was interesting. It was an easy and quiet day that was an awesome time of relaxation. Yes, that IS Julie directly in front of the camera and down the mountain a ways (in the white looking coat).

Nov 26, 2007

I've always wanted...

... to see Blue Man Group "in concert" and last night I did! Here's a little taste of what we experienced. If you've not seen them, check out the How To Be A Megastar tour to see if they are coming near you and GO!


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Nov 24, 2007

And only 6 remain! Way to go DMHO fans! Who will be in final 5?

Last night's show was taped on Tuesday instead of Wednesday for a number of reasons. The fans last week voted and kept the guys in for another week. Hope you got a chance to watch and vote last night. Here's a youtube recap of DMHO's performance:


Still in:

  • Tres' Bien

  • Light of Doom

  • Clark Brothers

  • Sixwire

  • Dot Dot Dot

  • Denver and the Mile High Orchestra!

After the votes last night only five remain... who will those five be?

Nov 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

2007 Family ThankgsgivingThis year has been a year of many firsts for the Kendall family. Add another one for Thanksgiving. Since both Jes and AK are in retail they have to be in their stores early in the AM for Black Friday. So, today we are grateful to have shared Thanksgiving with our kiddos in Murfreesboro. This photo was taken at AK's table we moved into Jes' apartment. What an awesome meal and great day!

Nov 19, 2007

If only they'd spelled the name correctly!

Amazon Kindle… AWESOME!In case you have not already seen it, Amazon had a BIG announcement today. Their new Amazon Kindle (ARGH... just letters off... Kendall... someone teach Amazon how to spell!) e-reader is really slick. I may have to find a way to get one of these. I was impressed with Sony's eBook reader, but this one has some of the stuff I said the eBook reader was missing almost as soon as I got my hands on the Sony.

Check out this video to learn more!

Read more from Gizmodo!

Nov 16, 2007

Absolutely Amazing Sunset!


Now when you first look at this you may think, yeah so what I've seen that before and wonder what I was going on about. But, from what I understand it almost stopped traffic on the Denver highways this evening during rush hour. Why you ask? Because this photo was taken looking East instead of West where the sun was setting. Okay... think about it... look at the photo. Let it sink in. Usually light flows from the source and expands outward. So where is the source in this photo. Well, I know it's at my back because the sun is setting behind me. Yet the rays appeared to be flowing from some source on the eastern horizon as the sun was setting in the West. Here's another photo... SIMPLY AMAZING!

Amazing Sunset

Nov 14, 2007

I Love Living Here!


Pretty simple really. A slight dusting on the cars this AM. Crisp, fresh air outside. Ahhh!