Jan 30, 2008

New Look

Well, for my two readers, I thought I should do something about how slow the pages on my blog loaded (plus it was frustrating because on my iPhone the heavy template I was using would never load). So, life|simple has a new look. I really like it... it's... well, simple.

I'm kind of buried doing a site refresh for a client so I've not posted much recently. Hopefully I'll try to get back to regular updates as soon as possible. Pant, pant, pant....

Jan 14, 2008

Hooray! Over 4GB later...

... after over 24 hours I've finally finished uploading over 4GB of files for a site switchover I'm doing for one of my clients. WOW! Imagine uploading 0ver 4GB of data at about 24KB/s. And it slowed down our connection so much it was laborious to think about doing anything else that required an Internet connection. But... whew... I'm done (for now anyway)!

Jan 12, 2008

She was Beth Collins before she married...

Beth in video

... and she goes by Beth Farris now since she married, but it's the same sweet Beth we knew as a middle schooler in Colorado... and she got a cameo in a music video. Here's a link to the video! Way to go Beth!

Jan 3, 2008

Holiday Recap

Well, it's been about a week since I last posted. A lot has been going on, and not much has been going on at the same time.

Since our kiddos (for a little while anyway) are on the other side of the country and work in retail we awaited their arrivals to have our family Christmas day. AK arrived on the 24th, and Jes came in on the 27th. Then we enjoyed a Christmas-evening celebration the 28th.

AK the GimpAK had wanted for his Christmas a series of snowboarding days... he got one. We went up on the 26th (were supposed to go on the 25th but an all day snow made mountain roads treacherous... we'll more treacherous than we wanted to navigate or risk) it was a great day... until AK took a front side toe edge spill and landed squarely on his shoulder. At first he thought it was only a bad bruise or strain so we worked our way back down the 2/3rds of the mountain left (we were at Keystone, so that's a long way). When we got to the bottom, we were in a different place than we had parked since we took the easiest way down possible. I decided to find somewhere to sit him that was warm while I went to get the car and Julie, who had finished her day several runs earlier. The best place to leave him was the lobby of the on-site medical facility at the base of the mountain. When I returned with the Jeep and Julie, he was hurting bad enough and to avoid a potential later trip to an emergency room we decided to have someone look at him. Yep, he broke his clavicle. And, is this our family or what, not your usual break. His was basically at the tip of the clavicle. We followed up with an orthopedic doctor the next day and AK was grateful to hear no surgery required immediately or perhaps at all. The Dr. we saw was awesome and told AK that if he did do surgery, AK had done half his work for him already as with a break in that area they usually remove the tip of the bone and reattach muscles/ligaments to the part that's left. And get this... the Dr. has a brother at Hendersonville Hospital in TN who practices same type of medicine. So AK is to follow up with him in a month or so, and then with Dr. here when he is back in CO.

JeskimoWe were sweating Jes' arrival a little as we were expecting a significant amount of new snow by the time she came in on the evening of the 27th. She got here, but as is her flying luck she was about two hours later. However, the great news is all of her luggage came in with her on this trip. I was a little nervous about her arrival as she openly professes to hate snow and cold. I guess parking at the top level of the airport garage was not the greatest idea, but there was not much open at that point. She got to step out of the airport into the cold and wet. Thankfully she seems to have done great though since. In fact she seems to have stayed warm (similar temperatures feel so much warmer here than in humid areas) when dressed correctly for the weather and she's not complained about the snow or cold... YAY!

Christmas was a nice quiet evening (instead of morning) as we exchanged gifts and emptied stockings (a Kendall family tradition we've enjoyed for years). By far the highlight was watching our two kiddos reaction when they opened the Rock Band game (we put the box with instruments away and just wrapped the actual game/case. AK was amazed we got it and we have all enjoyed playing on the big screen we've put up temporarily in the basement. Great fun! small
Got our first entry edited and up on the website. It was Julie's first run at the rover camera instead of the fixed tripod. It's a little jumpy but still works. Here's a link to the site I threw up to house the first event info/video. We've shot two other events since and I can't believe the improvement she's already shown. Have two more in the can to edit.

And, like we've not had enough to do over the holidays, I've been working on a major update to one of our client's web sites over the holidays. A couple of snags have delayed it's re-launch so I'm STILL working on that (why AM I posting to my blog right now?)

Today our kiddos begin trekking back across the skies to work/school. It looks like both will beginning their last semesters at MTSU in TN. Jes is set to graduate in May and AK, well it looks like he'll be making preparations for a transfer to Colorado State University in Fort Collins beginning in the Fall 2008. He and I spent yesterday looking around up there and meeting with some faculty to see what they had to offer. It was a very impressive program and offers TONS better program and opportunities directly out of school. He's very excited... we are too.

As is the case with most college graduates, Jes is planning to apply her Spanish/linguistics degree toward a future in baking. Yep, you read right. She is seriously pursuing the idea of opening her own bake shop. How exciting is that. We figured she'll have a great opportunity to use her Spanish with customers.

And we begin the new year absolutely, 100% self-employed for the first time in our lives. We're already being quite blessed as we had two new client opportunities last week and may already have all the work we need and can handle. Now we just have to buckle down and get 'er done. Speaking of which, I have work to do... more later.