Dec 27, 2007

Snow... Snow... and MORE Snow!

What a GREAT "welcome back to Colorado" we're getting! Here's an image I took of snow sections piled up in the outer sill of the window that shows the sections. Old, melted a little, and new since this AM piling up on top of it.
window snow

Here's the radar and forcast for today!
Radar 12/27/2007Forcast 12/27/2007

Dec 11, 2007

Let it snow. Let it SNOW! LET IT SNOW!!!

Snow looking SouthSo we had about 8" the other day. Then it started spitting snow last night and this morning it really started to fall again. We've gotten about two more inches this AM. It's so soothing! Ahhh...

Shoveling Snow 12/09/2007Oh and I shoveled the walks and driveway for the first time and Julie just had to have a picture.

Dec 6, 2007

And Then There Were Four (minus)...

DenverMHO on The Next Great American BandDenver & the Mile High Orchestra made the final 4 last night at the taping. At least that's what the spoiler sites say. There is some shrouded meaning behind the title you can figure it out. But, I won't openly spoil it all, so if you don't want to know details of the taping Wednesday, Dec. 5th don't click this link to MJs Blog.

Suffice it to say we get to vote at least one more week. NOTE THIS: The time the show will be aired has been adjust this week. Watch The Next Great American Band on FOX at 9 Eastern/8 Central.