Jul 28, 2008

Monday Match - Falling On Her Own by Craig Kendall

This will begin a new series for what I hope will be consistent on Mondays each week. My post, Random Letter - Thanks to a Good Samaritan inspired me to see what other Craig Kendall's in the world are up to. So I googled (actually I was trying cuil, a new search engine player) "Craig Kendall" and found there are a bunch of us listed. I'm not quite sure if this song is by Craig Kendall and he's the guy in the video singing, or if the song is about a girl (what!) named Craig Kendall who lives in Australia. Either way, here's today's Monday Match...

Jul 26, 2008

One year ago today...

... we landed in Denver for a scouting trip with our good friends Ray and Katie Carman. We looked around at several communities to see what the housing market was like. Sad to say, the housing market then was better than now, well for sellers anyway. We had not even put our house on the market at that point. We did so when we got back and five days later it sold leaving us three weeks to be out.

It's been an interesting year. One month later we were actually here in Denver and moving our stuff into two storage units until we could find a place. WOW how time flies. Kinda like how it's flown between my blog posts the last couple of times.

And on an interesting note, I was at a restaurant this week sharing lunch with a friend when our server (another friend) came up and told us that until moments before she thought she had seen it all as a server. Seems another server's table/guests left a $5 bill and a hand full of coupons (some were actually expired). At first we thought the folks had actually left the coupons as the tip. Then when we found out about the $5 bill we were more inclined to believe the guests were merely cleaning out their coupon envelope or something and left those as trash. But, what a funny thought. Anyone out there leave coupons or something other than money as a tip for your server (not counting those of you who leave tracts... I know about that one)?