Feb 21, 2008

Exciting Day for Kendall Media Group!

Kendall Media GroupToday is an exciting day for Julie and I (and Amy Bierman because she happens to be here at the right time). It's 4am and we're getting ready to head up to Breckenridge (yes, again... we were there to ski on Wednesday) to shoot our first of what we hope will become many video segments for - Today we're teaming up with Carvers Ski Snowboard Sports, a local ski/snowboard/sports store to shoot "What to wear while skiing (or snowboarding)". Expert Village.comOur goal is to shoot on average 3-10 of these how-to videos a week as part of Kendall Media Group's regular monthly income. If you have not seen ExpertVillage you should check them out. They bill themselves as The World's Largest How To Video Site and I have to admit, there's lots of videos on there. We'll post a link when we have completed the work and it's available on Expert Village. Then, if you are going to go skiing or snowboarding you can check out Sam's instructions on what to wear while skiing.

Feb 17, 2008

Okay, this is a little over the top!

to-do-tattooI'm the first to admit I need a little help with the whole organizing and getting things done thing. I LOVE vitalist and have been using it for about a year (though still not as efficiently as I'd like or as I need to). I find it interesting that my iPhone doesn't have a to-do list application, but I do have iPhone optimized access to vitalist and that way it stays up to date and more importantly in sync. I just started using slimtimer to track all the different tasks and time worked on them in our new self-employed world. It makes tracking time and billing much easier if you can get disciplined to keep up with it.

But, this HAS to be over the top!

I guess it's the month to release cool cooking apps...

CookThink logoIn case you missed it, I mentioned SuperCook on February 1, and then today, this shows up on my radar. What is it with cooking sites in February?
Cookthink is an online cooking resource made up of three related parts.

We are the Cookthink blog, where we feature recipes and daily posts on seasonal ingredients, kitchen tools, techniques and food news.

We are the Root Source, a weekly newsletter in which we look at one ingredient and chew over the best way to buy it, store it, prep it and cook with it.

Most of all, we are, an innovative cooking website with recipes and related tips, all pulled together by the Recipe Mapping Project. Our unique, trademarked “cookthink it” tool is the first of its kind to let you search for recipes by a combination of ingredients, dish types, cuisines and moods so that we can answer the question: What are you craving?

Feb 11, 2008

What HAVE You Been Up To?

Kathie Hill MusicWow! After a very busy month I'm glad to say I'm finally pretty much done with one of the most insane all-at-once projects I've ever tackled. And now that crunch time is slowing I actually have some time to talk about it. On December 19th we were scheduled to begin a major web site re-vamp project for Kathie Hill Music, one of Kendall Media Group's clients since 2006 (we started out updating a web site someone else had designed for her years before we came along). An unfortunate renewal timing issue forced us to start a little sooner, and another issue delayed the project a little along the way. We had wanted to do a complete site refresh for some time. At the same time we needed to move her to a new server using a new online store backend. With that, she had a new set of her almost all digital WAM! products to launch, and we wanted to switch her over to a new email newsletter management system. Needless to say, it was an arduous and crazy task. While we're not completely done with some of the fine tuning and clean up, I actually fell like I can breathe again. Maybe now I can get back to the important task of blogging.

Feb 1, 2008

Every now and then a great idea comes along!

Super Cook

This is a once in a lifetime GREAT idea someone had. Supercook is a new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you have at home. To begin, simply start adding ingredients you have. The more ingredients you add, the better the results will be.

Keep this one bookmarked away for that time you don't have time to run to the grocery store but need to put something on the table with just what's on your shelves. I think it will be interesting to see who can come up with the most bizarre combination of stuff that ends up finding a receipe. If you do, post it here as a comment.

Actually, if you use this at all, post a message here with what you input and some description of what it offered you and if you made it.