Aug 11, 2008

Monday Match - Craig Kendall LAS VEGAS

So I must not be true to my namesake. Seems there's musicians all over named Craig Kendall. Here's today's Monday Match:

Aug 5, 2008

Afternoon Snack

Lily got to enjoy the afternoon snack on the front porch with me. Peanut butter & jelly on saltine cracker! Yum!

See how good she is to wait till we tell her okay! I love the way she looks away but keeps her eyes on it intently.

Because I Can

So, we seem to have made it past the summit of the hot part of the season and have begun the descent into Fall. I think I heard we set a record with something like 21 straight days of 90 or above highs.

Anyway, the high today was 88 and a storm blew by just as it got up there. So, I grabbed my book and am sitting on the front porch watching clouds go by and enjoying the afternoon breeze.

Love working for self from home! Time for some water and snack!

Aug 4, 2008

Monday Match - Craig Kendall - Curve Design

So, today ("bad blogger" he says slapping his own hand, haven't blogged in a week) I submit another episode of Monday Match - those random weird connections on the web with people who share a name with me. Today's match is a design business:
Surface pattern and decorative imagery for interiors, greetings, gift-wrap and textiles.

Here, you'll find details of a wide range of original, fresh and exciting designs - many of which are now available to purchase as Canvas Wall Art, Mounted Prints or Handmade Greeting Cards.

Whether its mouth-watering glamour or cool elegance, our aim is to provide stylish and contemporary alternatives to the everyday - allowing you to achieve the look you want.

Check it/him out at

Pretty random and awesome that design runs in the family... especially when there is no direct relationship between