Jul 8, 2012

Almost a year... lots going on!

Wow, just realized I had not posted in almost a full year. Then, reflecting on all that's been going on I realized why I had not stopped to post.

In the last post we visited Buena Vista CO on a long motorcycle trek. We actually were visiting because I was anticipating an interview and perhaps moving to Buena Vista. This was all transpiring time-wise about a week before I was due to commit to a full semester of teaching at Front Range Community College again. Long story short, two days before I had to commit to Front Range I turned down the job offer and we stayed in Longmont and I taught and continued to work freelance web and video projects. August to December was crazy busy with three classes as well as a couple of independent study students.

Christmas was obviously busy and January kicked back off with another full semester of teaching and freelancing. Toward the middle of January Julie and I reconnected with an old friend from when we had lived in Colorado before. Other than a great dinner and reconnecting with friends that dinner resulted in an interview for contract work with a startup with which our friend was working. The contract began on Feb 14 and was for three months and required me to be in the Denver Technical Center (DTC) five days a week when I was not engaged teaching. For those of you not familiar with the Denver area geography that was about an hour to an hour and a half from our home in Longmont.

So for the next three months I was teaching part time, working for a startup full time, and doing what I could for freelance clients.

As the semester ended and the contract with the startup was coming to a close, I was offered a permanent full time job as UI/UX Lead Developer with the startup beginning my last day of teaching for the semester. I accepted. Obviously a relocation made sense. Julie resigned at the consignment boutique she had been working at for over 2 years and began getting us ready to move.

May 26th we left Longmont and moved (this is so trite a statement compared to the grueling weekend it really was, but that may be another post) into a townhouse in Castle Rock. My 1 - 1 1/2 hour commute is now just 15-20 minutes. Love the house... love Castle Rock!

The startup is WaveCloud - a web-based e-book focused business working to bring together several facets of the e-book universe into one single site. It's a very robust and ambitious vision. We launched in beta in early June and following an ambitious release schedule to enhance and expand what WaveCloud offers for readers, authors, as well as agents and publishers.

For now, Julie continues to help get us settled into Castle Rock and is slowly, patiently watching for where she'll be working.

That's the cliff notes for the year. Maybe I can fill in the pieces as well as keep up to date going forward.