May 13, 2010

TV 2.0

Boxee rocks

After many years of a love=hate relationship with paid cable tv we decided last week to give it up. There were several longstanding annoyances that led up to us finally deciding to pull the plug:

  1. paying for someone to advertise to me
    I actually remember when cable tv was appealing because it had few or no commercials.

  2. paying for 800+ channels 24/7 when I only really DVR'ed and watched a handful of shows each week.

  3. whenever I did sit down to just watch something live while sipping a cup of coffee or something clicking repeatedly through 800+ channel and finding NOTHING worth watching.

  4. the simple reality that all the shows we watch are now posted online for free by the network, or they can be bought for a much smaller fee than the sum total cable tv bill for a month.

That's just a few, but the most obvious and highly contributory factors. Last night I watched my first two shows from the computer that I did not have DVR'ed due to no longer having the service. It was easy (fewer commercials too) and overall a pleasant experience. I had to wait one extra night after they aired but usually we don't watch shows the night or even the week they were aired.
So, that's a report on our latest experiment. We are now paid (subscription) tv free!

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